‘Till the Boys Come Home’ 

(an original play set in 1919)

Casting: Actor/Singer 

Character Name: Maddy Turner

Character Description: Has returned home after serving as a nurse on the Western Front between 1914 -1918.

Character age: 20 – 30 years

Till the Boys Come Home (TTBCH) is an original 5 person show that tells the story of the end of World War One and what affect the end of the Great War had on the families back at home. Centred around the Turner sisters, made up of doting eldest sister Megan, fierce Mary-Ann, and courageous youngest sister Maddy, these women portray the roles of the mother, the suffragette and the war hero. They are supported by the characters of Mary-Ann’s husband, Frederick, who has returned home after fighting in the war and the memory of Megan’s son, Timmy, who does not return…

Where once they were so close, their involvement in the war over the past four years has permanently changed each and every one of them. The play explores this new place the Turner sisters find themselves in as they resolutely yet desperately, try to find a truce between their pre-war lives and the lives they find themselves living in a post-war Britain.

The play features well known songs, solos and duets by well known composers of the time with many of these songs being audience participatory throughout the show.

This is an excellent opportunity for someone seeking a unique performance opportunity to improve their devising skills, to work with a brand new theatre company and be part of an immersive theatre experience. You will be coached and directed by the Voices Across Time team and the character will be further devised with the team based on your distinctiveness and individuality.  

The successful candidate

  • Actor/singer

  • Women and/or women identifying

  • Previous performance experience

  • The ability to play a musical instrument is not necessary but the ability to read music is desireable.

  • Locally based or with the ability to travel


Performance dates: 19th – 20th October 2018 (Tech/Dress rehearsals TBC)

Location: Performance will be in North Oxfordshire. Rehearsals will take place in and around Banbury.

Rehearsals: August and September 2018 (flexible rehearsal scheduling, dependent on casts availability)

How to apply 

Please register your interest by e-mailing, briefly introducing yourself and why you are interested in the part. One of the team will contact you to discuss in more detail.

Voices Across Time is a theatre company that specialises in the creation and production of audience participatory musicals based on British History. In just two years, the company has already created a string of sell-out shows, including “Singing for the Somme”, “I’ll be Home for Christmas”, “Old Boundary Lane” and “Christmas Across Time”. “Till the Boys Come Home” is an original piece written by the team to mark the 100 year anniversary of the end of World War One and will be their most ambitious undertaking to date.