Christmas Across Time

Voices Across Time returned this Christmas in partnership with Friends Of St. Mary’s, Adderbury (FOSMA) and took you on a journey to discover the history of Christmases past through songs, music and theatre.

The celebration of Christmas has not always been a straightforward affair. Its history is defined by stories of rebellion, determination and re-interpretation. But no matter what challenges were faced, music and song have been ever-present and have helped shape the Christmas we know and love so well today…”

On Thursday 21st December, St. Mary’s Church in Adderbury was transported to the 15th Century through the psalms of the high order, we heard the Christmas songs of the rebellion when Christmas was banned by the Puritans, we re-lived the Christmas Truce of World War 1 where Christmas united two sides at war, and then continued the journey to the modern day where Christmas took on a new meaning of glitz and glamour.

Voices Across Time are very proud to be supporting FOSMA through this sing-a-long production to help raise the necessary funds to repair the Tower of St. Mary’s Church.