Singing for the Somme: The Songs and Music that won us the War

100 years ago this year, one of the bloodiest battles known to human history had just begun.

Near 1,000,000 men were wounded or killed in the Battle of the Somme which continued from the 1st July until 18th November, 1916. As these heroes packed up their troubles and marched on to fight for their King and Country, songs and poems became a way to boost their morale, articulate their losses and celebrate their successes. These songs and poems remain with us today and on the centenary of the Somme we will recall them together to remember those men and women who fought for us in the Great War.

On the 8th July we invited you to step back with us to 1916 to watch, participate and enjoy an evening of the music that united so many through one of the darkest chapters of human history. We listened to the rousing house brass band, the love letters of the Tommy and the infamous writers from the era whilst canapés are provided and locally brewed Hook Norton ale was served. 100 years ago these songs were used to help those in troubled times and we wished to continue to do the same by donating almost £1000 raised at this event to The Royal British Legion and to the Katherine House Hospice.