Till the Boys Come Home

On Friday 19th October and Saturday 20th October Voices Across Time will be staging their new production, ‘Till the Boys Come Home’. 

‘Till the Boys Come Home’, follows young adventurer Timmy Price, whose thirst for adventure leads him to a Recruitment Station on his 15th birthday. Even though he is too young to enlist he successfully fools the recruitment officer and heads off on his ‘adventure’. The show follows Timmy’s journey as he discovers the reality of this so-called ‘adventure’ and the story of his mother back home who has been recruited to work in the newly built filling factory to aid the war efforts. Using music and memories, Timmy’s regiment and his family back home maintain camaraderie and bravery whilst they dutifully do their part for King and Country, but they all await the moment when the boys come home.

On the 19th and 20th October 2018, Adderbury Institute will step back to 1915 and Great War classics such as ‘Keep the Home Fires burning’, ‘It’s a long way to Tipperary’ and ‘Hanging on the Old Barbed Wire’ will be heard throughout the village led by Royal Academy of Music’s, Joseph Cummings. After previous sell out shows such as ‘Old Boundary Lane’ and ‘Christmas Across Time’, VaT are excited about approaching this new show which marks such a poignant time in British History and raising money for some very important causes. 

To reserve tickets, email boxoffice@voicesacrosstime.com or call/message 07532446665. For general enquires, email team@voicesacrosstime.com. 

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